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One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen made by bands and artists today would be to under-estimate the significance of a professional promotional apparel. Your promo kit, also known as a press kit or media kit is most likely one of the one most important elements in an artist’s initial presentation to places, promoters and most of all record companies. First-impression is so important in the audio industry. Some artists just don’t get it! Together with the major influx of CDs and packages that record companies get on a daily basis… with most realizing the interior of the trash can at the receptionist’s desk, so its vital that your bundle stands out from the audience and distinguishes you from the rest as a true professional who is package is well worth reviewing and CD worth listening too.

In preparing your media kit you will need to find every component possible that will differentiate you from the masses. Throwing together a bunch of poor quality copies, unprofessional photographs and poorly written bio and copy all stuffed in a flimsy folder simply isn’t going to cut it. If it’s a cluttered heap of newspapers, that is exactly how you are off. On the flip side, if it is a well-organized presentation, you come off as a pro.

A few of the components which need to be taken into account when placing your kit together are matters such as theme, theme, and layout. You should think of a concept and theme for your kit, one that is memorable and essentially ties every page collectively in some form of continuity. A motif could be contingent upon the bands or artists name. By way of example, if the band’s name is”Orange Freedom” The color scheme could have orange inside, either the newspaper or icons or text may be oranges. I am aware this particular case might appear a bit infantile but I think you have the basic idea. Don’t forget you want the band name to be unforgettable. Simply to give another example, recently we were showcasing one of our actions termed”Uncle Plum” in New York City facing 4 big record labels. The afternoon of this showcasewe had one of our interns travel via cab around the city and provide a reminder to each A&R and document executive encouraged into the showcase. Together with the written reminder invitation into the show, she immediately dropped off a basket of plums to each record executive. May sound silly… but it works.

A symbol is very important and must be something easily remembered and comprise the elements of your general concept.

Utilization of skilled packaging to your media kit is also vitally important. It would not hurt to use a binder exactly the exact same colour as the group’s emblem once more for continuity. Although these kinds of portfolios could be expensive… sometimes a couple bucks each, it’s definitely money well spent.

A professional photograph is undoubtedly a requirement in your kit, possibly even a few photos. If you’re a band, you will need the 8* x 10* B&W glossy of the band and also individual photographs of each band member included in the bio section which we’ll discuss later. A high quality expert photograph is a must. Having relatives or friends take a snap -hot won’t cut it . The photo is an area where you can’t afford to try a rescue a couple bucks. You need to look around for a professional photographer to do this. I can not emphasize the importance of this enough. When you’ve got the budget, employing a professional music business stylish to touch up your picture might not be a bad idea either. Though I realize for most bands this may be cost-prohibitive.

The write-up segment should comprise two components; the bio or the ring member’s bio; those should be brief and to the stage. Don’t go nuts with a long detailed biography. Labels and others simply don’t have enough time to read it so they’ll just skip it. There you will possibly lose out on providing advice to the kit recipient which might be advantageous to you. Include things like your influences and other knowledge in the industry. They truly don’t care about your baby picture or exactly what you did when you’re six years old unless, obviously, you were a child sensation at the time. Your fact sheet; This should comprise any favorable press or write-ups you’ve obtained such as tours, radio airplay, testimonials, good sales figures on an independent release, etc.. You can also include things like GOOD COPIES of any articles, interviews or reviews from newspapers or trade magazines. Each page of your press kit should include your manager’s contact info and your website URL. Be truthful and maintain it as short and sweet as possible.

Now for the most important element of your apparel… Your Music. Contain a professionally recorded demo of your best 3 tunes. Encase your disc in a professionally branded jewel case with your motif, contact information, and logo. It is important for your CD presentation to be as professional as you can. It is nice to have a separate pocket in your portfolio to house the CD so there is absolutely no chance for it to drop out or get lost. It’s better contained that way. Or as we’ve done on occasion with a number of our kits, then use Velcro to hold the gem case on the trunk inside portion of their portfolio.

Presently in overview, here are the components to include:

* Produce a theme and concept

* Design a professional logo

* Use professional packaging

* 8″ x 10″ Black & White glossy promo photo

* Personal band member photographs if applicable

* Artist or band bio

* Fact Sheet… favorable write-ups and quotations

* Added press… reviews, interviews, articles

* 3 Song CD Demo

Your press kit is your representation of you when you are not there. Don’t take it gently. Check it for content and errors and be more diligent. If your kit is unique it will stick out and tags, venues, and also the audio media will take note. GOOG LUCK!

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